What People I've Worked With Have Said

Soulful and brilliant, Abby offers a fresh perspective, graceful writing style and collaborative spirit. She’s unafraid of having difficult conversations during the editorial process and tackles challenges without hesitation. I only wish I could have worked with her more during college.

– Lisa Kislingbury Anderson, Community Newspaper Journalist

Abby is a pleasure to have as a colleague. She’s detail-oriented, incredibly positive, a team player, and always ready to take on new tasks.

– Andrea Kowalski, Program Directer at YogaLife, Inc.

I first met Abby when she edited a story I wrote in Ethos. Automatically I knew she was someone special. As an editor, she gave me her full attention, always handing me revised works that had thoughtful and insightful changes. She took the ideas I had for stories and helped me sculpt them into a much better version than before. Her mastery of grammar and syntax was unmatched. I found myself always excited to go meet with her, as I knew I would learn something new. In the two years I worked for Ethos, I never had a better editor than Abby.

Abby has vision: she knows what she wants to create and she goes out and does it. I’ve written a few pieces for The Queen Bee Collective, and again she blew me away with her edits to my writing. She has created a wonderful online magazine that I hope to be a part of in the future.

– Lizzie Falconer, Customer Service Representative at PECI

I had the pleasure of working with Abby at Symantec. She is an intelligent business professional who is dedicated to the details of her work. She has an excellent eye for editing and is in charge of leading several key processes for our corporate communications team. Abby is not only a great communicator, but a great team player. She is consistent in providing help to other team members in need. Communications is a true passion for Abby, and it shows in her work. Abby would make a great asset to any company she works for.

– Jessica Schwee, TSO Communications at Symantec

Abby is an expert in communications. Not only does she have a firm grasp on the technical side of written and verbal communications, but she is also adept at the small nuances which make communications an integral part of the business. I am consistently impressed by Abby’s willingness to teach, but also to learn and share her experiences and perspective. She is a highly valued member of the team.

– Debra Paul, Client Services and Operations Manager

Abigail is one of those exceptional writers who is able to capture and hold the reader’s attention. She can help you communicate with clarity and get your message heard across the right channels. I recommend Abigail’s services without hesitation and I am honored to have her part of my circle.

– Renee Wilbur, Training Professional

Abby wrote several social media posts and blog articles for me and was really skilled at listening then creating meaningful articles on my subject – active, older women. I would highly recommend her for her writing skills, staying on schedule, listening, and especially being able to write from someone else’s voice.

– Stephanie Atwood, Go WOW Living