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Tiniest Motions: Inspiration from a Friend of Mac’s List
Published in Mac’s List

Do What You Love No Matter What You Do For a Living
Published in Mac’s List

A Journey as Good as Its Destination
Published in The Queen Bee Collective

The Bus Ride
Published in The Queen Bee Collective

First Fall After College
Published in F Magazine

No Shave, No Shame
Published in Flux Magazine

En El Otro Lado
Published in Ethos Magazine

Yoga Inc.
Published in Ethos Magazine

The Wisdom Shop  — A blog about travel, personal growth and purpose

How Every Good Story in Life Begins
The View from the Bridge that Never Looks the Same
I Think I Experienced an Episode of Portlandia Today
No Better Feeling Than a Traveler Sleeping on My Couch
Try Not to Worry; it Will Work Out

Travel Writing

The City With a Fur Coat and a Black Eye
Riding the Amsterdam Wave
Berlin or Bust! Striking Out on My Own in a City of Destruction and Renewal
30p to Pee and What to Do When a Stranger Falls Asleep on You
One Beautiful, Eye-opening Week in Krakow, Poland
London, You Are Brilliant!
The Art of Traveling in My Own Neighborhood